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Death-Stranding Game Review

Death Stranding Game Review

The video game is still available on Steam, and the trailer of the upcoming Death Stranding game has recently released. For those who have not heard yet, this new game from the creators of the long-running Resident Evil franchise is set in the same world. However, the game takes place in a completely different time period, with a very different setting. A game like this will surely be huge and captivating.

The game’s main characters, which include the lead and the antagonist, are two of the most famous characters from the previous games. While this definitely makes a change to the game, it’s not as drastic as some of the changes that were seen with the release of games like Dead Space 3. The game was later criticized for its lack of graphics quality and a high production value death Stranding Game Review – Wallpaper.

This time around, Death Stranding uses a less intense setting, but still relies on similar mechanics. Unlike Dead Space, it’s better to play the game without the use of a mouse. Since there’s no need to click the screen to move your character, you can do more jumping and doing flips.

Since the game is a bit slower-paced than other action games, the graphics are considerably better than the other recent releases. However, I found the controls a bit too hard to use, but hey, it’s different. Being able to play the game without the need to move your cursor is the only real downside.

Though the graphics aren’t the best, I really like how the game’s wallpaper designs look. They are composed of straight lines, which gives it a really sharp appearance. There are also variations of the protagonist’s design, such as one that’s dressed up as a female nurse. These designs really bring out the game’s unique style. The main character of the game is just as attractive as the character in the game itself. He has white and dark blue skin, along with brown eyes. The skin tone makes him look really cool, and the brown eyes give him a unique look.

His weapon of choice is a gun, which he fires out lasers, or butterflies, which he uses to attack enemies. There are other weapons that the protagonist can equip, which makes the gameplay a bit more varied and challenging. I really enjoyed the different weapons that the game offers, and I was surprised at how well the game looks in comparison to other games.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing Death Stranding, even though it took me longer to finish the game than I would like. It’s the unique art style and interesting gameplay combine to make an exciting game.

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